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Agriculture API URI Schema





-        FarmerId

-        PropertyId

-        Parish

-        Extension

-        District

-        Farm (?)

-        FarmSize* (micro, small, medium, medium-large, )

-        FarmerAge

-        Group

-        Crop group

-        Group type

-        CropArea

-        CropCount

-        CropDate

-        PropertySize

-        xCoord

-        yCoord


-        FarmerSize*

-        FarmerAge

-        Firstname

-        Lastname

-        FarmerId

-        PropertyId

-        Parish

-        Extension

-        district

-        Farm (?)

-        PropertySize

-        xCoord

-        yCoord


-        Parish

-        cropType

-        price

-        priceMonth




URI Root: http://data/




This Documentation:



Returns the hierarchy of values for CropGroups / CropTypes and production summary



Returns the hierarchy of values for Parishes / CropTypes (i.e. available croptype data by Parish)





Returns a tabular (xml) summary of Farms in the database by Parish; includes counts and total PropertySize




Returns a tabular (xml) summary of Farms in the database by Parish/Extension/District; includes counts and total PropertySize





Returns the average values of Prices for Parish / CropTypes (i.e. croptypes for which there is pricing information per Parish)





In addition to the basic URI schema above, data can be selected using Argument based Queries

/?([col_ident] [delim] [$var]

In cases where Arguments are presented with the URL, all data column values are returned for rows satisfying the specified Queries

Date Parameters

Date arguments are specified by indicating startdate and/or enddate parameters. A range is indicated using both parameters

eg. 2009 is &startdate=2009-01-01&enddate=2009-12-31

eg. After Aug2009 is &startdate=2009-08-01

eg. Jan09 Aug10 is &startdate=2009-01-01&enddate=2010-08-30



Queries are limited to returning a maximum of 1,000 records at a time. In order to manipulate a large result-set, developers can use the following Paging parameters:

per_page number of results per page, for pagination of the result-set. Default setting is 50

page utility parameter for paging through a large result-set. Indicates the page number requested from the recordset.
eg. /farms/?parish=stcatherine&per_page=100&page=2





In cases where developers need to aggregate data across large (or the entire) data-set, Aggregate parameters may be used. Eg. To find the largest tomato farmer in St. Catherine. The following Aggregate parameters will be Available: Count, Sum, Max, Top


eg. # of Farms in St. Catherine:



Eg. Total Acreage of Banana production in Portland last year: /crops/?parish=portland&cropdate=2009&Sum=CropArea


Eg. Largest yam production Farm in Trelawny:



i.e. Top20%

There are cases where it is more useful to find the Top 20%, rather than a single Maximum..

Eg. Largest Cassava producers islandwide, last year

/crops/? &Top=CropArea&cropdate=2009

Not sure how easy this is to implement

NB> Developers could accomplish these results using standard queries, paging parameters and local processing, however this will be more efficient


Use Case Scenarios

Use Case


Crops planted in St Elizabeth


Carrots planted across the island


Carrots planted over time period Jan09 Aug10

/crops/?croptype=carrot&startdate=2009-01-01&enddate= 2010-08-30

Credit proxy by microfinance institution

Farmer products over last year


Number and size of properties

farms/?FarmerID=90410367&count &Sum=PropertySize

Price of crops planted



Number / Area of other farms planting same crops



Crops of other farms growing in an area


Highest producing crop last year


Price of a particular crop

/prices/?croptype=Green Banana

Best place to sell a crop



Largest producers of a crop


Best places to buy a crop


Properties near a particular plant


RADA / Government Agency / Min Of Agriculture

Most efficient farmer


Highest growing extension, district, parish


Which farmer sizes are most efficient


Farmer sizes or properties that are under performing