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Application Showcase

This Visualization Application demonstrates how geospatial data can be made more meaningful, accessible and user friendly. This application allows the user to aggregate and view data as both Bar and Pie charts, run complex queries and receive real time results in either a tabulated or map view.

Catalog of several of the value-added applications that were conceptualized and built by developers over the 24-hr competition period at the ./roots Developers Conference. The applications represented a wide range of innovation concepts including: Market product search application, Integrated web/mobile application, microfinance loan decision support, visualization and gaming applications. Plans are being put in place to extend several of these application prototypes to Production status. Click here for more details on the Slashroots Developers Conference.

A demonstration prototype of an application that illustrates how OpenData can improve directly and indirectly the efficiency of value-chain microfinance loan processing in Jamaica that could benefit small farmers. This application enables a microFinance Institution to evaluate a Farmer's loan application by querying the OpenData API with his RegistrationID and retrieving information on his farm property as well as production history, to provide a quasi-Agricultural collateral. The application supports both web/mobile interfaces and was developed on the vTiger CRM platform